Why Practise Aikido?

There is more than one reason for practising Aikido, and your reasons may change as you make progress in the Art.

  • Self-defence

Many people start practising Aikido as a means of self-defence. If you practice regularly you will be able to learn techniques which are applicable to many different types of attack. This was the original purpose of Aikido.

  • Health

Practising Aikido can have other benefits. The health and stretching exercises will help to maintain and improve your posture and flexibility in daily life. You can practise these on a daily basis at home if you wish.

  • Physical Exercise

Practising Aikido techniques can also be a very physical workout. However, Aikido techniques can be practised at a variety of levels, so if you are elderly or relatively unfit you can still benefit from training at a more gentle or appropriate level. Either way, over the longer term your fitness should improve. Remember that you do not have to do anything in an Aikido class which makes you uncomfortable.

  • Mental well-being

As you progress with your Aikido training, you may also begin to notice some mental benefits. You may become calmer, less anxious and less easily disturbed by events or other people. These changes can flow from developing a deeper understanding of ki in Aikido and can become the most important reason for continuing practice.

  • Fun!

Finally, Aikido is a social activity. You will meet new people and, hopefully, make new friends. In addition to meeting to train, most clubs also organise social events for their members and their partners.