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January 26th 2022
Aikido seminar in Italy on 29th April – 1 May 2022.
Please note this is not the re-scheduled memorial seminar for Doshu Yoshigasaki.

January 12th 2022
First Doshu Memorial Seminar Postponed
Due to the worsening COVID 19 situation the seminar has been postponed until 13th, 14th and 15th May 2022. further details will be announced nearer the date.

January 2022
First Doshu Memorial Seminar announced
The first seminar held in memory of the late Doshu Yoshigasaki will be held in Novara, Italy. Classes will be taken by the four Ninth Dans, including Shihan Burgess, and a number of other instructors, including Sensei Karadia from the UK. Details can be found here.

November 2021
Grading Seminar at Alness Dojo
A grading seminar was taken by Sensei Burgess at the Alness dojo on the 21st November. Gradings were passed by the following students:

Graham Bull awarded Jokyu
Duncan Henderson awarded Okuden
Nicolette Austin awarded Nidan (2nd Dan Aikido)
Malcolm Aldridge awarded Nidan (2nd Dan Aikido)

We offer our congratulations to these students for their well-deserved achievements.

August 2021
Sensei Jayesh Karadia awarded 5th Dan
Sensei Jayesh Karadia, senior instructor at the London Ki society, was presented with his Godan (5th Dan) certificate by Shihan Burgess at the Coventry Ki Society Dojo. Sensei Karadia was promoted to 5th Dan by Doshu Yoshigasaki in the New year, when such promotions are traditionally made.

Sensei Burgess presents his certificate to Sensei Karadia

January 2021
Shihan Burgess awarded 9th Dan
Shihan Philip Burgess was awarded the rank of Kudan (9th Dan) in Aikido by the late Doshu Yoshigasaki in the New Year. The award was made in 2021 but only made public after Doshu’s death. Shihan Burgess is the Chief Instructor and Secretary of the British Ki Society. The photo shows Sensei Burgess together with Sensei Jayesh Karadia at the Coventry Dojo. We congratulate Sensei Burgess on his achievements in Aikido.

Sensei Burgess (right) and Sensei Karadia (left)