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Photos from the First Yoshigasaki Memorial Seminar, Italy, 2022
An interview (in Italian) about the seminar with Shihan Bruno Maule can be seen here:

Dojos in the British Ki Society practise Ki Aikido as developed by the late Doshu Kenjiro Yoshigasaki.

Quotation of the month from All of Aikido:

…. modern life often obliges you to live an unnatural way of life, for example, driving a car, working with a computer, etc. These activities are not natural for your body and create tension and deformation of your body. That is why we need Seitaiho in order to correct those deformations. It is evident that one needs an extraordinary flexibility to perform certain sports or ballet, but it is not necessary for your daily life nor for Aikido practice. so do not stretch your muscles but create a harmonious flexibility by staying in a correct posture until your body relaxes in that posture.

Kenjiro Yoshigasaki

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Doshu Yoshigasaki

Aikido is suitable for both men and women, adults and children. You can find more information on getting started here.

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Our Dojos cater for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced grades. All BKS Instructors are fully qualified as coaches and insured through the British Aikido Board.

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Sensei Roy Cliff, Alness Dojo

Seminar at the Burton Dojo