Books and Videos

A number of books and videos are available. and are listed below.


Kenjiro Yoshigasaki 2002
Inner Voyage of a Stranger
Werner Kristkeitz Verlag
ISBN: 3921508711
From the cover:
It demands a lot of reflection every day to understand life. Life consists of perception and action. Most people, however, only try to control their actions and do not realize the importance of perception for their lives. Every individual’s actions at any given moment in time are determined by the way he or she perceives the world.
This book is meant for all those who really want to understand life.

Kenjiro Yoshigasaki 2015
All of Aikido
Werner Kristkeitz Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-932337-65-9
456 pages, 1487 colour photos and diagrams.

The English edition was prepared with the help of sensei Mike Hayes and sensei Jayesh Karadia of the British KI Society.

From the cover:
Aikido is a Japanese martial art that, even though it is based on the fighting techniques of the Samurai in feudal Japan, has developed into a peaceful, non-fighting art.
Like meditation, Aikido is a way of life meant for people who want peace of mind and peace in the world. This book describes in detail how Aikido techniques can work to stop fighting instead of carrying on conflicts. It gives a thorough guide to the foundations of the art and suggestions of how to apply these ideas in daily life.

Giuseppe Ruglioni 2008
Aikido The Art of Perception in a practice of Peace
Erga Edizioni
ISBN: 978-88-8163-560-3
From the cover:
The path proposed here is the search for harmony between our interior life and the exterior life. A path that helps us to confront ourselves with the conflicts and the struggles, through the Art of Perception in a practice of Relationship and Peace. The volume (with a DVD included) is provided with more than three hundred images which complement the books practical descriptions. It is not a manual of techniques, but an innovative proposal of how to use the Art of Perception to overcome the interior and social conflicts through Aikido, a practice of Relationship and Peace.

Guiseppe Ruglioni
Unification of mind and body and ki Aikido
Erga Edizioni
ISBN: 88-8163-071-0
From the cover:
This book has two parts: practice and experience.
In the first part, the teachings of Master Koichi Tahei are disclosed. The first chapter is dedicated to the practice of Ki (Shin Shin Toitsu), a discipline that considers human nature as a mind-body unit that allows us to fully develop our abilities, as well as discovering the innate gifts that we usually do not be aware. The practice focuses on the study of some principles which, through a simple test system, are intended to instill a natural sense of security based on complete relaxation. The second chapter deals with Ki Aikido (Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido), a discipline that leads us to gain greater confidence in ourselves and to better harmonize our relations with the outside world.
The second part collects the author’s experiences during 20 years of teaching, applying the principles of Ki and Ki Aikido Practice in very different situations: teaching children and young people in public schools, therapists and caregivers with disabilities and dancers, athletes and coaches.


The Beginner
A film by Alain de Halleux

A meeting between Sensei Yoshigasaki and the violinist Yehudi Menuhin. He is often considered to be one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century.

Made in 1996, the two masters meet to discuss a common topic for musicians and masters of martial arts: Harmony.

Kenjiro Yoshigasaki
All of Aikido 1 – 5
Between 1999 & 2000 Doshu Yoshigasaki, produced five videos that present All of Aikido. They were made at La Bellone, a house in Belgium.

You can view or download a list of the contents of the videos here:

Part One

YouTube videos
A number of video clips showing the Doshu teaching are available on YouTube. Click on this link or search for YouTube Yoshigasaki seminars.