Rhondda Ki Society

Sensei Neil Davey
Aikido: Nanadan
Ki: Okuden

Dojo Address
Abergorki Hall
16-18 Bute Street
Mid Glamorgan
South Wales
CF42 6BD

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
7:30 – 9.00pm (Adults)

Mat Fees
£25.00 per month

Contact Information
Sensei Neil Davey
E-Mail : rhondda@ki-aikido.org.uk

Instructor Biography

Sensei Neil Davey started Aikido in February 1978 at the Ki Club in Pentre, Rhondda which was being run by Sensei Ken Williams of the British Ki Federation who was the official representative of Tohei sensei and the Ki No Kenkyukai  in Japan. The teaching was Shin Shin Toitsu Ki and Aikido.

Later that year sensei Ken Williams moved to Burnham on Sea and the Rhondda branch was taken over by sensei  Richard Gardiner and sensei Robert Turner.  Sensei Davey continued to train directly under sensei Gardiner and Turner and was graded to Shodan – 1st Dan by sensei Ken Williams in 1983. From then he also attended monthly Dan classes from sensei  Williams until being graded to Nidan – 2nd Dan in 1986.

Under the direction of senseis Burgess, Gardiner and Turner the newly formed British Ki Society was created in 1986 to bring the clubs/societies directly under Tohei sensei and his European representative Yoshigasaki sensei and sensei Davey joined as part of Rhondda Ki Society.

He attended a two day seminar in London in 1987, instructed by Tohei sensei who was assisted by Yoshigasaki sensei.

In 1988 he helped organise and attended a week long seminar instructed by Tohei sensei`s chief instructor Maruyama sensei at the National Sports Centre in Cardiff.

In August 1989 sensei Davey was appointed Head Instructor at the Treorchy branch of the Rhondda Ki Society, running both the children`s and adult classes.

In August 1997 he also attended a weeks`seminar in Bressanone, Northern Italy by the chief instructor of Kiatsu of the Ki No Kenkyukai, Otsuka sensei .

Sensei Davey helped organise all Doshu Yoshigasaki`s courses in South Wales over the coming years and continued to train on the majority of his courses held around the country. In 2007 he was invited with others from the British Ki Society to attend a weeks` seminar at the opening of `Furisato` in Belgium which was the personal dojo of Doshu Yoshigasaki.

He has been graded/promoted by Doshu Yoshigasaki from Sandan – 3rd Dan in 1993, up to Nanadan – 7th Dan in 2019. In 2021 he was made Chief Instructor in Wales for the British Ki Society. He has also been instrumental in students obtaining grades up to Okuden in Ki Development and 3rd Dan in aikido under Doshu Yoshigasaki.