Burton Ki Society

Burton Ki Society is currently closed while we search for a new dojo.

Sensei Mike Hayes
Aikido: Rokudan
Ki: Okuden

Sensei Reg Allen
Aikido: Yondan
Ki: Okuden

Instructor Biography

Sensei Mike Hayes began practising Aikido in 1982 under the instruction of Sensei Roy Cliff at Burton and Sensei  P Burgess at Coventry. At the time both clubs were members of the Ki Federation of Great Britain, under Sensei Ken Williams. In 1986, when the British Ki Society was formed, he attended the first seminar given by Doshu Yoshigasaki at Warwick University. In July 1987 he attended the weekend seminar in London with Tohei Sensei, and in August 1988 the five-day seminar in Cardiff with Maruyama Sensei.

Sensei Hayes regularly attended seminars given by Doshu Yoshigasaki, and in August 1990 he was he was fortunate to be the first UK student to be graded to Shodan and Jokyu by the Doshu.

When Sensei Roy Cliff moved the Scotland, Sensei Hayes took over the Burton club and has continued teaching there until the Dojo was sold by its owners in 2019.

Sensei Hayes was also the Coach Tutor for the British Ki Society.

E-mail: burton@ki-aikido.org.uk